Week 11 & 12

I’ve had to combine both weeks into one post after my project is submitted as I’ve just not had the time with my PC basically being a full-time renderer. It was doing about 60 frames within an 8-hour period and considering the fact that one animation was 500 frames long this was taking ages. The whole render process was a nightmare and took way longer than I had expected it to. I tried splitting some of the work on the uni pcs the plan being to have a few running and my PC at home but the textures I used for my car wouldn’t work since I used a material from an updated Arnold plugin without realizing. I did try getting the plugin at uni but needed admin privileges to install it which I don’t have. A friend of mine did help me out by letting me use their PC to render out a couple sections which really helped out. I’ll be honest I’ve noticed a couple of mistakes in my final footage that with more time to render I could have easily ironed out but what I’ve done is hopefully going to have to do. I am still happy with what I’ve made considering a few weeks ago I didn’t even have a working rig.

Week 10

I’m pretty much ready to start rendering now but it is going to be a massive pain since I have to render two separate files which I cant do at the same time but realistically I should have enough time for that and the sequence stuff at the end I can do in like an hour at most. I’ve had a few practise renders in Arnold like for when I added the tire smoke for the car. The technique for it needed to be slightly different from what’s in my research but it does give a nice affect for when my car turns the corner.

Week 9

I’ve realized that I can’t get the two animations sequenced together. I’m pretty sure its because the axis are different which doesn’t really make any sense since there the exact same rig but I do have a plan. I’m basically going to make the cameras and scene look exactly the same, so you won’t be able to notice the jump between the to files in the middle of the animation. This does mean when I add all the textures, I’m going to have to do it twice, well more like three times for the two car models in one file but they are fairly easy to add and update anyway so I shouldn’t have any issues with that.

Week 8

I’ve been testing sections of the animation this week with the motion blur and timing and it seems to look fairly good. I’ve been messing with Arnold a bit and I might end up using it as it seems to give some really nice metal affects and it’s got this material for car paint which looks a lot better than what I’ve managed to get in scanline. I’m going to put the animations together in motion mixer and see have it all looks then when its all together as one animation.

Week 7

This week has been mostly getting the dance completed so I can import it into the transform file. I’ve been looking at the car advent on a frame by frame basis so I can fully understand how it moves but I m going to be limited a bit as the shape and scale of my car is a fair bit bigger so I wont be able to recreate all the moves that I need. For the most part ill be able to use the camera angles to make certain sections look better so I don’t need to worry to much about how the movement looks as well since it never was the focus of this project anyway it was more a proof of concept to show that I can animate with this custom rig.

Week 6

After my review I’ve decided to change my animation a bit. Initially the robot was just going to stand up but I think it’ll be much more interesting if it transforms as a forward roll so it would then maintain its momentum from when it was a car. The block out for the new roll is already done so I’ll just have to refine it to make sure the car pieces don’t intersect with each other or the ground. Also I’ve had an idea for what I the robot should do after the transform I was thinking it good do a dance like the car advert which would really show off the rig fully working.

Week 5

It was a pain, but I have manged to sort out my rig. I did need to redo both arms and realign every mesh with every bone in the arms but it seems to work now with no deformation so I should be able to continue animating now which is good. My plan is to start in car mode and basically fold up the robot to fit within the car so then when it transforms it’ll sort of fold out and stand up. For the most part it was down but sections of the arms are going to need to be re-keyed which shouldn’t take too long. While I was finishing off the rig though I did mange to set up the cameras for the car section of my animation so that should be ready for my progress review video.

Week 4

I’ve had a pretty big set back this week with my rig. I think I must have scaled a bone or something as I’m getting a lot of skin deformation with the fingers. Unfortunately, I had already started animating at this point because I thought the rig was done. I pretty much realised when a lecturer suggested having the fingers move which is when I realised, they weren’t working properly. Not sure how I’m supposed to fix this so I might unfortunately have to scarp the rig and start over. I’m giving it a break for the moment to work on some more research and to practise more with hi solvers and constraints but hopefully I should be able to sort out my rig.

Week 3

The majority of the car rig is done as its fairly simple to set up and I’ve started working on my FK/IK rig which is proving to be quite challenging so far. I’ve haven’t had the time to research the particle affects yet but I do intend to once I get to the stage where I can start animating my rig.

Week 2

So I have my models now which I’ve been splitting apart for each section of what will be the transformer and I’ve done some storyboarding for the cars movement with the transform blocked out in max using biped to give the character shape. I would have drawn out the transform as well but I needed a more visual aid so I’ve used the actual car model within max.