Week 4

During week 4, I have attempted to switch our source control program from github to perforce in an effort to fix the issues that we have encountered during our development thus far. We also looked into the issue with github whilst we were setting up perforce just in case we find a solution to our problems. Eventually we found a solution that would allow us to use github, however it would mean that we would unable to use C++ in unreal and only blueprints which meant that some work would have to be ported over. This was fine though as it was not too much work to do and we were just glad that we were able to get source control to work.

The addition of source control benefitted the programmers greatly and we were able to work much more efficiently than before. We all had access to the player controller and were able to implement our mechanic more easily. But as for me, before I could start working more on AI, I had to prepare a presentation with the Art Lead where we would show off our progress, talk about the issues that we had, and also talk about what we would be working on in the future.

The presentation went well and we got some good feedback on our presentation skills as well as what we should be focusing on. I then got back to work and mirated my AI work from the previous week into the repository. I also created a basic spawn system for the enemies so that once the player reaches a certain area, an enemy will spawn.

AI Spawning whev player enters a certain area