Week 3

In this week. I tried to take the first step in adding features in our vertical slice. We have decided to use Trello to keep track and update our progress with certain tasks. Things were progressing well until we have encountered our first big roadblock in our project, which happened to be the source control.

We were using Github and the major issue that occurred, whenever someone was working on a separate branch and committed their changes, when someone pulls their commit unreal does not recognise their files. This makes it expecially frustrating when dealing with cpp files. The classes no longer work and any progress made was wasted. We have tried many different solutions and searched through many resources online but we were unable to find a solution. Both I and the lead programmer have decided to bring attention to this problem with our supervisor and see what we could do. We agreed that in the meantime we will work on a feature in our own unreal projects and once we are able to sort the sourcecontrol problem, we will simply port over our features.

I decided to then work on the AI for the game. There was a detailed flowchart in the Trello board that helped me understand the problem a lot more easily.

EnemyAI Flowchart

I then decided to start working on the AI using blueprints and Unreal built in AI controller. The AI currently only finds and moves towards the player, it is able to navigate through different terrain pretty efficiently since I am using Unreal’s built in navmesh. I am planning on talking with the designers to discuss in more detail about what the AI should be capable of doing.

Basic AI thats to be built upon in later weeks.