Week 1-2

I have spent the first 2 weeks in journeyman being introduced to what we are going to do throughout the semester, the teams, the theme of ‘Coin Op Recharged’ and out supervisors who will guide us throughout this module. We also found out the leads in each group and I found out that I was a programmer co lead.

I was assigned to be part of team 10 and we immediately had a meeting in which we introduced each other and discussed as to what kind of game we were going to create as part of our vertical slice. We were presented with 3 different types of games we could create that coinsides with the theme of Coin Op Recharged, Metal Slug, Castlevania and House of the Dead. We ended up choosing Castlevania, and as a part of the Recharged element within the theme we decided to create a beat em up game with the style of castlevania.

We were also tasked with researching into the game that we were taking inspiration from as well as the coin op genre as a whole. I quickly learned that coin op games were a lucrative way for games companies to genereate revenue from games, before the home consoles dominated the market. Coin op games relied heavily on creating simple games with large replay value as to retain the attention of the player, thus usually came in the form of making the game incredibly difficult.

Top ten highest grossing games list, with many coin op games being in the list

As we were limited to using the Unreal Engine, an engine that I have never used before, I decided to spend the majority of the first week experiementing and learning the engine through online resources in between of our group discussing the details of our vertical slice game. I started my experimentation with unreal by creating a small scene where a cubes transform would be changed randomly everytime the game is played. This gave me a good introduction with the Unreal Engine UI as well as some basic c++ commands. I then created a shooting mechanic using c++ that was integrated using Unreal’s built in Blueprint visual scripting feature.

I also set up a Github repository using GitLFS for some source control as well as giving us the ability to work with other programmers in my group. I started this by creating a test unreal project to make sure that the git repository works, that branches were merged easily and that it was stored within Github.

The Git respository with a branch called ‘Player Movement’ as well as the master branch