Week 4

During week 4, I have attempted to switch our source control program from github to perforce in an effort to fix the issues that we have encountered during our development thus far. We also looked into the issue with github whilst we were setting up perforce just in case we find a solution to our … Continue reading “Week 4”

Week 3

In this week. I tried to take the first step in adding features in our vertical slice. We have decided to use Trello to keep track and update our progress with certain tasks. Things were progressing well until we have encountered our first big roadblock in our project, which happened to be the source control. … Continue reading “Week 3”

Week 1-2

I have spent the first 2 weeks in journeyman being introduced to what we are going to do throughout the semester, the teams, the theme of ‘Coin Op Recharged’ and out supervisors who will guide us throughout this module. We also found out the leads in each group and I found out that I was … Continue reading “Week 1-2”