Industry Portfolio Development

Texturing and Cameras – Week 7

This week was on finishing up some of last weeks tasks and improving the player experience by working on zooming out the camera to capture more of the environment.

Camera Placement

This was inspired from a level in Death Stranding (2019) when the camera pans out as the player starts to scale a mountain, revealing the pure scale of the environment. 

I found that scene really powerful and wanted to do a similar effect in the Beach level. So I positioned the camera to a similar angle. This will hopefully give a similar effect once the level is complete.


The texturing this week was mainly on the cliffside as there were issues with texture stretching that haven’t been fixed.

It however still gives the impression of a cliff, so for now it’s workable.

I also textured the floor with a sand texture which I think completes the look of the environment in this screen shot.