Industry Portfolio Development

Research and Inspirations – Week 2


This week was focused on getting a solid concept of my disciplinary. I have decided to design and implement a level set on a moody beach; inspired from the coastlines of Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.

I have visited the coastlines of Northern Ireland and Scotland over the years and have consistently been mesmerised by their beauty and scale. Specifically with Giant’s Causeway and it’s unique rock formations that are called Basalt Hexagons:

I think they would add a unique visual style to the level and would be easy to block-out using a simple hexagon model.

I think considering the environment it would be appropriate to make the game genre a third person adventure game with puzzle elements to add a bit of relaxing gameplay. A slower pace would also allow the player to take in the sights of the beach more.

In general atmosphere would be a major factor to this level. 

For a better visualisation of the level I have made a mood board, with one or two photos I took myself when visiting Ireland and Scotland.