Post 5 – Finalization and Recording a Video

Through a thorough check of my artefact I found very few issues as every bit of code ran smoothly when playtesting. Throughout this whole process of creating the artefact I believe I have stuck to my initial proposal, creating a quest system that has the objective of the quest displayed and the quest being present in a quest log. With it having an ease of accessibility. The only faults that I have seemed to find is that with the quest log, once the quest has been completed and it has transitioned onto the completed quests column, I struggled with finding a way to remove it from the initial column, therefore it appears in both. Another area that I have deemed to be an issue is that there is no information regarding that you have to press Q to open up the quest log, making it difficult for a player to understand how to do so.

Finally it came time to create the video of my artefact. I decided against using unreal to video it as due to my artefact not being a physical thing, instead being part of the UI, I didn’t find the use of a change in camera angles to be worthwhile. Instead I opted to use OBS, which allowed me to take an easy video of me demonstrating my artefact, afterwards adding text throughout to explain what was going on.