Post 4 – Triggers and Hidden Assets

It was now time for me to continue with creating my actual mechanic, deciding to have the quest triggered when the player would interact with a trigger box.

Coding it so that once the character interacts with the trigger box, firstly a prompt will appear on screen saying that the quest has begun and been added to the quest log. As well as code that actually makes the quest appear on the quest log,
‘raidthecityshow’ represents a separate bit of code, basically where the text is hidden in the quest log and is only made visible once it has been triggered. The code is referenced below.

This is how the quest would appear in the quest log.
I now had to repeat this process where another trigger box would trigger the end of the quest.

For reference this is what the trigger box looks like within my environment. The second trigger box has the same code as the first, including the code to change its visibility as once it has been triggered the quest will move to the completed section of the quest log.
My next steps will be to finalize my project, double checking for any bugs and fixing anything that doesn’t work. After that comes recording the video of the artefact running smoothly.