Post 3 – Collisions, Movement and Landscaping

Due to me having a topdowncharcter template, meaning it was a point and click to move, I had come to realize that when attempting to playtest my mechanic and attempting move I couldn’t. After a while of researching I finally deducted that I had to implement this –
Adding this to the level and increasing it to fill the environment fixed the issue.
I then decided to alter the surrounding landscape.
Going into the landscape editor I used the tools provided to reshape and resize the surrounding area, while not adding a great deal to the overall project  I thought it necessary to not have the environment flat and basic, with the hills acting as a natural border as well.
Next came implementing collisions, as at the moment the player can just walk through the walls and towers.

Clicking on the assets image opens up this so we can add collisions the object, making sure to switch the collision complexity as use complex collision as simple. This now allows for the character to collide with the walls, rather than phase straight through them.

Next I am going to continue with my quest log mechanic, implementing a quest triggered by trigger boxes and having it appear in the log.