Post 2 – Block outs and Unreal

Starting in unreal I used the tools provided to create a simple blockout based on the city layout that I had previously made in Photoshop.

This is a second variation of the blockout I created in Unreal, as you can see there is a clear entry point to the city/castle, with towers and walls to go with. I also added some cubes in place of buildings, using the colour green to highlight which buildings have significance, whether that may be for certain quests or other things. I also colour coded the towers as red to indicate that they are hostile buildings. The only issue being if there is someone who is red green colour blind they would not be able to see the difference.
Now that the blockout and environment was complete I could get started with creating the quest system.

I started by creating a widget that would be my quest log, in which quests would appear to the player. I used an old dirtied paper as the backing for the quest log, trying to keep to the time period of when Troy was rumored to have been.

To implement the quest log in the game I created a series of code that would make it able to have the quest log appear when binded to any key. In this case I made it so if you pressed Q it would appear on screen. I did this with the help of a YouTube tutorial, the video is below.

I then proceeded to add a ‘back’ button onto the quest log to that you would have the ability to close it once you are finished checking the quests you have available. With the code removing the widget from parent, meaning it is removed from the screen.

Next my plan was to sort out the character movement, implement proper collisions of the environment as well as create and shape a proper landscape.