Week 1-3: R&D

This is the first post of my development blog for my Total War: Three Kingdoms project. In the weeks preceding this post I spent time researching what I wanted to focus my project on and attempted to find a subject that would add to the Three Kingdoms game in a meaningful way.

One initial idea I had was to expand on Three Kingdom’s espionage system by adding additional spy actions such as an expanded assassination option which would offer a lager variety of targets with different effect, a way to discover enemy spies and potentially convince them to defect, a way to weaken armies with different debuffs via an in game event or even incite a civil war within the faction. Unfortunately after researching the current system, I found this idea rather lacking as similar actions already existed in some form and the ones that didn’t wouldn’t add anything particularly compelling to the game play.

My second idea was to have a way to upgrade certain units when they reached a certain rank to turn them into a new unit that specialized in a certain stat, such as melee attack, melee defence or fire rate. However, after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that it would not be the best way to achieve the strategic diversity I wished to achieve as not only would these units be difficult to balance, but the process to upgrade them would likely end up being overcomplicated in my attempts to make it fair, which would only retract from the enjoyability of the feature.

My final idea, and the one I’ve chosen to develop takes the principle of augmenting a units stats but will use a much simpler method to apply them. My plan is to give unit types abilities which will increase 1-2 of there stats, while decreasing another.

The current ideas I have for these abilities are as follows:

  • Cavalry- Reckless Charge: Increases speed and charge attack, decreases melee defence.
  • Ranged- Focus fire: Increases accuracy and decreases rate of fire.   Quick shot: Increases rate of fire while decreasing accuracy.
  • Spear Infantry- Martial Arts: Increases  melee attack and ranged block chance, decreases bonus vs. cavalry and Armor piercing.
  • Sabre Infantry- Martial Arts: Increases melee defence and Ranged Block chance, decreases melee attack.

As it stands the stats affected by these abilities are subject to change over time as the idea is built upon and the balancing sorted out. Names are also subject to change as I research more into Chinese weapon fighting techniques of the era so that the abilities can be more closely linked to the setting.


Due to illness I am current behind where i was hoping to be. Initially I was hoping to begin development due in week 4, however since I’m behind it is likely that next week will be split between completing my research for the project and beginning early development via Unreal Engine 4.