week 2

Continuing with the general

This week I was working on a way to control the general through VR and flat screen PC. This took me a while to work out the best way of doing it however I have found a way which get the game to automatically detect which way the player is playing/testing the game and control it as collate with the platform. I have also managed to to fix the bug where the general would stop before they should and and have even started work on on the actual table the world map will be on. My plan next week is to continue on with the table.

Week 1

Beginning my project

For my project I will be making a VR interface using unreal engine which will keep made with a steam VR headset and controllers. I started off by creating a empty VR project, from here I decided but the first thing I’ll work on will be the interactions with the world map such as getting the generals to move about and interacting with other generals and cities. As well as getting cities working. I chose to do this first as I thought it would be the hardest part and and also the the main actor to the gameplay so it would be best to get out the way first. So far I have managed to get the general to move from one place to another whilst not going over there distance they can travel per term, I’ve also added a way of changing terns. Next week I plan on getting the system to work in VR only works out of it for now, and fix a bug where the general doesn’t stop wearing he should (stops just before)


In this project I started your research just to get a grasp of the game, parvis I played the game trying out has many features in the game as possible . I also used gameplay videos of more experienced players allowing me to to see the game from a different perspective and a perspective of a better player. Whilst researching the game I came up with a few ideas of what I would like to see as a DLC. I settled on a VR mode as as I feel like it can make a big change to the feel of the game whilst keeping a lot of the gameplay the same, my plan is to make a a controllable user interface for the world map so I went back to the game taking screenshots of any then the player would interact with our need to see whilst in the world map which would allow me to to create these for VR.