Blockout and Implementation

Although slightly behind on deadlines I have been working no stop for the last week to bring back the hours and reach a point which I am comfortable of being. Since last week I have created my blockout and have implemented a AOE damage effect which applies damage to all “actors” within the area excluding the caster, which in this case, would be the “Elder” we talked about the last few weeks.

Firstly, it was necessary for me to add a health bar to illustrate the AOE effects on enemies but before we can do that we need to tell Unreal what health is and cast it to an actor. After we have set a max health and applied it to our actor we need to set up an event whereby the actor can actually take damage (for the sake of simplicity and “why not” I also added an event to heal the actor)

Next, we had to add some way to illustrate taking damage, the easiest way being a health bar. The event graph for this can be seen on the top image as it relates the actor’s “HealthAsRatio” as a widget, the widget being the health bar itself so it means if the actor takes damage it live updates the health bar to the actor’s current health.

So now our actor has a concept of health, we now need some way to inflict damage, so for this, naturally, I made an AOE damage effect (it doesn’t have any in-game assets to show the effect at this point, but it is more to show off the concept). To add to this, I needed to implement some hit points to the effect, basically what this means is that when the AOE is activated it will hit everything within the damage sphere, however, what the “hit-markers” do is they put small targets on points across the target’s hit-box. For my effect I chose 9 points of potential contact. When done in-engine we will see a few lines coming from the caster to the target, if any of these lines make direct contact with the target without being blocked by a solid object, the target will be hit and will take damage, however, if the target is behind a wall or something similar they will not take damage.These two images above show the event graph for the 9 hit points across the target actors. 1 in the centre and then the other 8 aimed at different sections of the character model, but to actually apply this to our AOE effect we need to plug it back into the effects’s event graph.

These 4 images above show the whole AOE effect’s event graph from the pressing of the button to activate the effect, producing the damage sphere, the hit tracing and line-of-sight damage to the amount of damage taken.

These two images show a before and after of the target actor taking damage due to direct line-of-sight and you can even see the AOE’s damage sphere and the hit-tracing lines making contact with the target enemy.

This is where I am currently at with my blockout. However when I tried to access my Unreal file on the morning of the 20th of November during my Seminar, the Project opened but it was a blank project with no real assets. My character had gone along with all of the blueprints associated. i am hoping this is just down to being on a different computer and hope that it has not overwritten all of the progress i have made up to this point. I did have the files backed up onto the cloud but that seems to be where the problem is so I will check to see if it opens on the computer I made the project on. If not I have my screenshots from start to finish which would make it easier if i need to redo all of the blockout.

For next week, (if my project has not undone itself) I would preferably like to give the AOE some visual effects but also may even give the effect some damage-over-time effects so it has a large burst of damage to begin with and then lingering damage for a few seconds after the initial “explosion”.