Week 5/6: Activation mechanic (finalisation)

Last week, I decided on how I was going to implement my artefact into “Troy: Total War” and decided on adding a character with 3 seperate iterations which improve in strength and ability sets as they are upgraded. In this update I will be explaining what abilities each of these iterations will have and how I will keep these balanced to keep the game and mechanis fair.

Firstly, Priests are the most basic of the three iterations and pocess the lowest strength abilities and are intended for the early stages of the game. For the priest, I got some feedback from my housemates who are all gamers (one of which is a games programmer so their input was very valuable), and we thought it would be nice to keep it simple with a basic “Heal” mechanic which does exactly what it says on the tin, it heals a unit in a medium area of effect.  It cannot bring defeated troops from a unit back to life but will simply heal the surviving units. I think despite how it may seem at face value this mechanic will not be broken or over-powered as it doesnt really do much besides just bringing what it remaining of the unit to keep on fighting a little while longer. The main intention of this isn’t so much to make units indestructable but more to keep them alive long enough for more advanced units to be broought in and fill the gap therefore acting more as a shield for the troops rather than a medic. I think this is very fair and balanced for how the game works and for how a game battle is played as it doesn’t make units unkillable but simply makes them hold on long enough for them to be replaced.

Futhermore, the Priests do have an offensive ability which is that they throw grenades which make a small fire explosion which inflicts a damage-over-time effect on the soldiers caught within the AOE. These are not massively effective and are not particularly stong but can either kill already damaged troops or weaken new troops making it easier for dedicated infantry to finish the job. I really like this idea because it is a kind of niche ability but I think it ties quite nicely to the idea of ancient priest engaged in combat and seems more plausible than a priest in full armour with a sword and shield, whereas with this fire grenade concept it has a more of a scientific feel and seems to me like a more inventive attack ability than simply carrying a dagger or something to that effect.

Next up is the Elders, these are very similar to the Priests in most areas but with a few minor changes and others that a bit more significant. Starting with the former, Elders, like Priests still have a heal ability with the only difference being it replenishes more HP and the AOE is slightly larger but not much more than that. Next up is the Fire bomb, this is still very much the same with the only differnce being the AOE is larger and does more damge to those caught in its explosion and follow-up fire effect that it leaves behind. A bigger change however, is that the Ekders have a new ability called either “Athena’s Curse” or “Ares’ Curse” depending on which side you are playing as, the Greeks havinf the former and the Trojans the latter. This ability places a curse on a unit which drains its morale to near-breaking for 2 minutes meaning that if they engage in combat they gain a significant disadvantage and makes them a lot easier for unit of equal or lower strength to combat. I absolubtly love this idea as it does call upon the Gods but not in an active way like say Zeus’ lightning storm but more of a passive debuff. I think this idea is quite clever in its design but also its simplicity as it is a simple click-to-apply but allows for big swings in the position of power within the battle. This ability does run off a significant cooldown system so the power can’t be over-used and therefore become over powered.

Finally, we come to the Overseers themselves. These units are more unique in terms of their “mythology” meaning they differ from regular religious figures and actually appear to be an extension of the Gods themselves. For instance, the fire bomb has been taken away and replaces with a fire breathing ability called “Prometheus’ Fire” which to normal human

s would be impossible but these units can actual breath fire but obviously has a small recharge time before it can be used again. With the healing ability it has gone one step further once again with the new ability called either “Apollo’s bleesing” or “Hermes’ blessing” once again depending on the player’s allegiance. This ability fully heals a unit and revives any lost troops within that unit for five minutes before they are taken back into the realm of the dead. However, the main ability which is the focus and the real basis of these

mechanics is the active, destructive abilities that the Gods can use. For the Greeks, they have “Poseidon’s fury” which is a large AOE earthquake which damages everything with the area of effect whether it be friend or foe. Likewise, for the Trojan’s is “Zeus’ might” whiich bears similarities to Poseidon’s rage in that it is a large AOE lightning storm, the main diffence being the lightning storm is more effective against troops whereas Poseidon’s fury is more effective against building and fortifications but still does significance to ground troops.