Week 4: Activation mechanic (decision)

After receiving feedback from my tutors, my peers and other members of my cohort I have decided to persue The “Priests, Elders and Overseers” route. To recap, this is was the adding of a mechanic which allows the player to call in a special, support unit called “Priests”, for my initial plan these are meant to be quite basic in terms of feesable use, they can provide morale boosts to fellow troops and can drain the morale of the opposing forces. They have very weak offence and defence and are more intended to sit behing the troops that are currently engaged in combat however I haven’t fully decided on their full ability list yet but intend to decide for next weeks update.

Elders are the second iteration of the priest and function very much in the same way only their abilities will be stronger and may even have more abilities to utilise. My original idea to upgrade a Priest to an Elder was to have the Priest fulfill a set of “upgrade criteria” which would need to be completed before being able to upgrade or promote the Priest to the Elder. These criteria are still to be determined and will also be decided on by next week. Once a Priest has been upgraded to an Elder they cannot be downgraded back to a Priest unless they are killed. If the Elder is killed, it willonly up a prompt to train an Elder direcly and will not have to complete the criteria again.

Finally, Overseers are the cherry on the cake. These units are the only way of harnessing the power of the Gods. Like the Elder, they require the completion of a set of criteria which allows for the Elders to be promoted to an Overseer. Differing to the Elder, the Overseer CANNOT be trained directly and must be trained as an Elder and then must complete the upgrade criteria to access this character again. I think this is a wise decision and balances the character as it means that the player isn’t able to train these character near inifinitly. However, to prevent the Overseer being killed off too easy, they will have a high health pool to prevent them being killed off-spawn or without any difficulty.

The Overseer will be able to call on the Gods once before a long cooldown time and will be able to use it again once that cooldown has finished. To avoid exploits the cooldown will blanket across all Overseers so only one effect can be called in and will need to wait for the cooldown across all of those units not just the one that cast the ability.