Week 10: Final Product

After these past 10 weeks I have learnt a great deal about the Unreal engine and what it is capable of within its level design capabilities allowing me to create a level design which I am proud of. The final product has turned out much better than I first anticipated once I saw the initial ICA. Reflecting on my overall work I feel like I initially rushed into creating the level design in Unreal without taking the correct actions such as researching more about Unreal and how people can create level designs. This made me make a critical error later on within my creation forcing me to restart, however, I am happy that it forced me to restart and take a step back to review what I am making and take more caution with each step I did to create the final product. I now understand more how to shape an environment to the way I want it to look along with a greater understanding within the level blueprints of Unreal. I will use what I have learned in the past 10 weeks in my future modules along with my place of work.