Week 8: Final Touches

Now, I have completed the level design I am adding some smaller details that make the final product look more professional such as water, day and night cycle and fog. 

To create the day and night cycle I had to use the level blueprints. Using the light source I made it so it would rotate around the level to create the day and night appeal. However, the sun within the sky did not move since this is not where the light was coming from, to create the illusion that the light was coming from the sun I made the sun direction moveable this moved in time to the day and night cycle. 

To create the water I outsourced the water pack from the Unreal market place. I placed the asset into my level design and changed the base opacity to allow the rocks underneath to be seen.

I created a lake behind the mountain to add a background to the level design rather than a plane background to my level design.

Finally, I added a light fog from the Unreal engine to add to the final design of the level.