Week 5: Asset Implementation Part 1

To start the asset implementation I had to import each asset to unreal which I previously checked to make sure each asset works as intended. Once the assets were ready I started with the main gate, then expanding outward to the rest of the castle walls with the towers around the castle. 

After the front of the castle was implemented, I moved onto the rocks where water will be placed which means attacking troops will not be able to scale this wall with any siege machines or ladders.

Once the rocks were in place the, lighting was wrong, to fix this I used the ‘build’ tool and repaired the lighting. However, this made the castle walls and gatehouse all black to fix this issue I over righted the map resolution to 512 from 60. This made the original textures reappear. 

After the rocks and lighting was completed I moved onto the rest of the castle walls and towers. I had to change the final design due to the assets being too large of a scale compared to what I was expecting. This caused me to add the extra tower in a triangle shape rather than a straight line; this allowed for more space within the castle walls.

Next, I added the lower houses most of them were placed in pairs to make the city more civilised rather than randomly placed. There is also a clear path between the houses where a road or path will be added at a later date.

Finally, I added the rest of the houses on the top of the hill and some going alongside the ramp upwards.

Next blog will include the trees, foliage and water within the rocks along with a possible river behind the mountain depending on the water physics within unreal engine.