Week 3: Blockout Part 1

Before I can start my final level design, I have to create a blockout design which is the level design, with white cubes and blocks to show where each asset will be placed. This proved to be more challenging than I thought it would be with Unreal Engine 4 having issues with some files which were the background for the entire level design. To fix this issue, I have saved the current map which is the blockout onto another unreal project by transferring the file.

To start the blockout, I first created a rough layout of the mountains and cliffs that are in the plan of the level design using the landscape tool in unreal.

The ditches within the land is were water and mud will be placed. The water will not be able to be passed through. The mud would slow the troops, in the actual game, along with the water applying debuffs which would apply negative affects to each troop.

After I created the foreground landscape, I started to add the blocks where the buildings and walls will be placed; this includes the houses, towers, walls and the gatehouse within the fortress. The Next step for my level design will be finishing the blockout which will include trees and rocks. Once the blockout is completed, I can move onto making the final product which will include the assets from the previous blog post.