Week 2: Assets

For my level design I need a house, castle, castle gatehouse and rocks assets. I out sourced these from the internet from various websites. Once I found a few different versions of each I decided to narrow each asset to find the one that best suits my level design. The website I used the most with finding the assets was ‘Turbosquid.com’ which is a professional website that sells 3D models at a price however some are free. Within the legal section of the website all assets are ‘royalty free unless otherwise noted’ meaning I am allowed to use these within my project.

The options for the houses were:

‘https://professorhephaestus.wixsite.com/professorhephaestus/download’. The creator of this is Samuel Richardson who posted it on their person website for anyone to download and use royalty free. The only issue with this model is that it is individual pieces which means to create the house I need to place each piece perfectly, I would need to repeat this process many times for my level design and it is not time efficient.

Another option is:

Which is from ‘https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-terrain-vue-deserts-model-1601115’

This model came in a pack of houses however, the other houses did not fit the theme of the game therefore I chose this asset only.

The model I have chosen for my final level design is the second one from Turbosquid due to it being only one asset and easier to duplicate and has less polygons which would affect the framerate of the engine.

The options for the castle were:


This is from Turbosquid however, it is too low poly meaning the detail and overall look of the model doesn’t fit within my level design and the rest of the assets.

The other castle model I chose was also from Turbosquid. This time it was a full castle rather than just the front gates. This model was too detailed and I did not want a full castle however, this came in sections so I took each section I needed for my level design and exported them to unreal to see if they worked. I also took the walls of the castle along with the outer towers.

The other option is:

The final 3D asset I am going to use for my level design is a rock which will make cliffs and larger rock foundations throughout the level design.

The final asset I will use is a foliage pack which includes trees, grass, flowers and other types of foliage.