Week 1: Research

The research I did was through historical websites such as history.com for the factual information however, to understand the basic story of the Trojan War I watched the film Troy even though some parts of the film was made up the basic story of the Trojan War was explained. For example how it started and what happened to each key character such as Achilles and Agamemnon. The final part of research I did was playing the game Troy: Total War, to understand what a level was like to play as the player, after assessing many levels I created my own map design. My level will be based on this was created with the use of mood boards using real images from ruins, the game and the movie adaptation of the Trojan War.

When playing the game, Troy: Total War, I found the most interesting part of the game was attacking and defending provinces with their unique design which changes the outcome of the battle with positioning of troops and using the land as a advantage to either side.