Add map

The map comes from the UE4 resource library, continues the medieval scene, selects the mountain scene, a large range to facilitate the creation of character actions later.

You will get a .srt file when you save the model in the UE4 version of the modeler (or in the custom license compiler). This is the file that needs to be imported into the UE4 editor. The SpeedTree model will be imported into a normal static mesh object.

After the import process is complete, you can have a new resource (as shown in the figure below): a static mesh representing the model. The options on this resource can be edited according to other static mesh editing methods (such as LOD range, light map resolution, etc.). The texture resources of each atlas, the bulletin board atlas, and the texture maps laid on the model. The material resources of each component (draw call) of the model.


Level design ideas(one on one level design)

According to previous studies, only the Amazon tribes in Troy are mainly women, and the rest are men. However, the Amazon tribe’s weapons are mainly bows and arrows, which have a long range, which is a great advantage. The pterodactyl knight has an advantage. They use bows and arrows and have a relatively long range. Therefore, they will design and emphasize a one-to-one practice level with bows and arrows as the main weapon. The characters are mainly one man and one woman.

Total war: troy level design research

Regarding the production of artifacts, I want to pay attention to the background of myths and legends and the development of the only female soldier tribe in the game. Total War: The historical background of Troy is based on the story line of the “Iliad” in “Homer”. The main content is the story of the Greek expedition to Troy. Through the description of the Trojan War, heroes who are brave, defend collective interests, and contribute to the collective are mainly shown. The main content of the game is the historical moment of the Trojan War. Therefore, the artifact I want to develop is the DLC in the game: Hippolyte Amazon Battle Camp. Just like in myths and legends, all the troops in this camp are made up of female soldiers. Amazon Camp has some unique units and buildings. The units of the barracks include archers, swordsmen, spearmen and cavalry. They are good at long-range attacks and can recruit giants. On this battlefield, Hippolyte is the queen of the Amazon. She is set as the archer in the game. She has a strong long-range attack capability, but the strength of the Amazon camp is mainly long-range combat, and the melee capability is weak. So, I will redesign a level that is conducive to long-range attacks mainly based on some unique buildings of the Amazon tribe. Because the main weapons of the Amazon tribe in the game are bows and longbows, and cavalry, they will design levels on flat ground or similar to mountain terrain, and conduct their own development and research based on the historical existence.