Week 7

This week I tried to recreate the main helmet. I decided that the best way to go about doing this was to first create a template made from lines and curves that would follow the general shape of the helmet. I wanted these to be as accurate as possible so I followed some of the photo reference I had. Once these lines were in place I started positioning the scales, one at a type. I started with the top row and went row by row all the way down. Once I had all of the scales in place, I next needed to create the inner lining of the helmet, I did this via poly modelling, following the shape the scales had created. I found this quite difficult and the end result didn’t resemble the references.

After review I decided that I needed to start again placing the scales as the current artefact didn’t look very natural or look like the references. Next week I am going to focus on creating the scales once again, however this time I am going to focus more on the placement and try to use more scales to fill any holes.