Week 6

During week 6 I spent my time trying to work on some of the small details of the artefact rather than the main body. I decided I was going to try and create the yin and yang symbol that was going to be placed on the front of the helmet. I wanted this detail to be detailed and have an interesting shape rather than just being a flat cylinder with a basic texture placed over it. I decided the best way to go about creating this detail would be to sculpt a high poly version of the emblem and bake it onto a low poly cylinder. I chose to use blender to sculpt these details as it is the sculpting tool I am most familiar with. To go about sculpting I first tryied to manually paint the yin yang shapes onto a flat cylinder, however I found this to be quite difficult as I could not get it to look uniform and flat where I wanted it to. To overcome this I created an image which contained the yin yang symbol which I then used as a stencil within the sculpting tool. I then refined and beveled the edges to make it look more smooth and appealing. After this, I exported both the low and high poly models and imported them into substance painter to bake and texture.


These were the results of the bake, I am quite happy with then and think they are suitable to use in the final asset.

Another thing I decided this week is that I am going to change my method of creating the main shape of the helmet. Previously, I was trying to use a combination of arrays and curve modifiers to try and wrap a flat layout around the head, however I couldn’t get this to produce the shape I wanted without causing distortions.