Last blog

First of all, blogs really forget to update, especially people like me.

It’s the 5th day that the production is over, I think about updating the blog.
First, after the 7th week, I re-created chess, chess tables, parents’ beds and some books. The outdoor scenes were also made a lot, including stones, fountains, etc. Here I will take some screenshots of the models, in other respects I I made some new wallpapers and learned a lot of different ways to make blood. The way my friends told me is really simple, but in fact it is not a good way.

A lot of things happened at the same time after the production, including the light and shadow that didn’t know how to debug the time, but later I knew how to use it. It is really stupid to adjust the synchronization time, so why I don’t know it ?Unfamiliar with this software


Week 7 Blog

I don’t know where the blog went in the previous week, so I have to add a blog.

In the seventh week, I changed my point of view again. I know that this means that all my things are going to change or be abandoned, but my current project can’t support my previous theme. I need to change a simpler theme for the instructor to understand.

I am going to choose the Outlast game, as the object of the story study, which means learning the way of creating this atmosphere to Outlast, while changing some and forming my own environment model.

Before I finished the production of all my models, now I need to recreate some of the models, including some doors, walls, flowers in the house, etc.

This is the piano that was made before.

There are also simple scenes made

Fifth week blog

The blog that finally started!Because of the lack of the previous weeks, I wrote about the things I did in the last few weeks.

Starting from the second week, the model was started, and some problems appeared. For example, every time the high model topology was low, there was no effect or some items were missing due to some problems.Get answers through online communication and practice.

In the fifth week, I started making textures for the model and learning to make a carpet and wooden wall in Substance Designer . The style of the carpet is as follows.


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