Metabolism for Carcharhinus Leucas and Dionaea muscipila

The Carcharhinus metabolism is lower than a smaller shark and this is because they have less energy which is required for the movement.

The way in it is measured is by the sharks cholesterol and the free fatty acid. This will show that the Carcharhinus have a higher concentration number cholesterol. This is because it will help with the digestion of the food and in the Carcharhinus it is important because they have to keep moving or they wont float.


  • take 10ml of blood which would be collected by a syringe which would be about 10ml long
  • Then the blood sample which would be mixed with a centrifuged which would be measured in grams about 1300g for 5 min. This is so the plasma has time to separate
  • After they would be tested when it is done and then there would also be three different tests on the plasma.

Dionaea muscupula

Use their food and covert it into enter and they also use the photosynthesis which is how they also get their energy and they will use the insects as a food source is for the nutrients. The reason they need the photosynthesis is because it need COwhich they would get thought the stomata.

How they get the energy also nutrients

the nutrients from the flies and other insects will be recycled and then the Dionaea muscupula will take the COthen it will turn it into the energy by using the water form the roots or from the soil into the roots and this is useful for receiving the energy and this could be beneficial because it will release the CO2 and the water. Or it could keep the sugar molecules and this then could be used to produce starch and this could be used for other bugs to eat off of the leaves which will help to convert it into energy which will also help with the release of water and CO2