Research Projects


The success of Teesside University as an anchor institution and a growth driver has been built on a strong commitment to research and new ideas. Health Students Research Network (HSRN) at Teesside University produces research with a reputation for social inclusion that benefits people, organisations, and society as a whole. The majority of the effects of our research, through publications, conferences, bids, and workshops, are globally recognised.

Local expansion and regrowth

By collaborating with local stakeholders, the University of Teesside supports local growth and regeneration (SGR). We have jointly developed strategies, plans, and initiatives that have a real impact after identifying potential for economic and social benefit that the university’s research and knowledge sharing communities can assist to realise.

Significant support given to allow academics and students to actively contribute to SGR via inventiveness, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities based on top-tier research. This includes new innovation buildings, e.g., the school of bio sciences and the school of pharmacy.