All students and staff members who are registered through HSRN from the School of Health and Lifesciences are entitled to the benefits of membership.

Certificates and Awards –

Best nominated students from each theme group will win a leadership award. Certificates awarded to outstanding leaders of the HSRN committee.

Registration for Membership – 

To register complete the membership form on the link below

Theme Groups

  • Key –  
  • WG – Working group  
  • WG1 – Research Theme: – Oral/Dental Health research  
  • WG2 – Research Theme: – Mental Health and wellbeing research   
  • WG3 – Research Theme: – Lifestyle prevention of diseases (physical activity, nutrition, smoking, sleep patterns, alcohol and drug abuse etc.)   
  • WG4 – Research Theme: – Research Theme: Nursing research (patient safety, service improvement, healthcare delivery etc.)  
  • WG5 – Research Theme: – Global health research (NCDs, infectious diseases, obesity, vaccine hesitance, AMR etc.)     
  • WG6 – Research Theme: – Biomedical/Biological sciences research  
  • WG7 – Research Theme: – Health workforce development research  
  • WG8 – Research Theme: – Rehabilitation, sports science, physiotherapy etc.  
  • WG9 – Research Theme: – Data Science/Health informatics/artificial intelligence  
  • WG10 – Research Theme: – Implementation science/Behavioural change/knowledge translation/Psychology  
  • WG11 – Research Theme: – Reproductive Health (Adolescent and Sexual health)  
  • WG12 – Research Theme: – Public Health
  • WG13 – Research Theme: – Mental Health