About us

Health Students Research Network

(HSRN) – Teesside University

Health Students Research Network (HSRN) is led by students, for students and of the students. This network provides a platform for capacity development in research at Teesside University. It provides a pool of talented students with interest in research from which researchers in the School of Health and Life Sciences (SHLS) can draw support for on-going research projects. Students work collaboratively with members of staff to develop competencies in writing articles for publication, operationalising research concepts into proposals, data collection, analysis and research presentation at conferences and workshops.

Our Vision:

  • To promote an inclusive and diverse research culture that enables student and staff engagement in research of global health significance. 
  • To create a platform for capacity development in research through collaboration and partnership.
  • To drive the agenda for translation of current best research evidence into professional practice through education, advocacy and innovation.

The Health Students Research Network

 The Network’s objectives are to: 

  • Enhance the research culture through involving students in research and scholarly activities.  
  • Enhance research skills for both students and staff through conducting symposia, workshops and seminars. 
  • Increase the volume of research conducted with support of students in SHLS. 
  • Increase the outputs for both staff and students through publications in peer reviewed journals. 
  • Enhance the funding base through participating in bidding for funds with support of staff.  
  • Improve the university research reputation locally, nationally and internationally. 
  • Provide a platform through which the university alumni can continue contributing to research and scholarly activities in SHLS. 
  • Establish a student peer reviewed journal within SHLS 
  • Run an annual research conference showcasing the research work engaged in by students. 
  • Enhance co-production of research evidence with stakeholders including local communities, academics and practice partners.