The NFL is the biggest sport in the USA averaging around 16.3 million viewers per game (Hollywood reporter, 2019), the UK is the NFL’s third largest market. But how does the NFL market their traditionally American sport to a foreign market?

The match attendance for the games played in London have been steadily increasing since 2007 which had an attendance of 81,176 and in 2018 the attendance was 85,870 (statisa, 2018). But with only a 4 games being played in the UK in 2019 leaves fans of the sport wanting more (NFL, 2019).

The NFL is achieving new highs in TV audiences, match attendance and increased ticket sales, and revenue from sponsorship. With the BBC being an integral part of their brand building ambitions in the UK with the show The NFL Show being shown after Match of the day which broadcast the most watched sport in the UK. Supplemented by NFL this week being broadcasted every Tuesday evening (the Drum, 2018).

“The biggest asset we have in this market is the late night show on the BBC” – Sarah Swanson (The Drum 2018)

Damien Ryan (2014) claims that content marketing will always work for organisations because of the value to potential new customers it offers, offering content in the form of information, products and services to consumers all over the world.

The NFL’s social media pages on Instagram post frequently images and videos of games, training and interviews with players, coaches and pundits, also having links to other websites to keep the fans constantly engaged with the brand.

As the NFL is an American based brand one of the best ways to reach their audiences at home and abroad is through the use of Digital Medias. With only limited amount of matches available for the UK audience to attend in person, the use of digital marketing and social media for the NFL’s success in the UK is imperative, reaching their audience online to keep them engaged with the brand.