In November two people go into a ring, fought for 6 rounds and one person came out on top. Sounds like every other organised boxing fight, so what makes this fight between Logan Paul and KSI so different to others and how DAZN can capitalise on events like these.

KSI and Logan Paul are just two of the many influencers who regularly post videos online, in 2018 they had a white collar boxing match at Manchester arena, the fight was streamed live on YouTube on a channel dedicated to the fight on a pay per view basis at £7.50 each. With 21,000 in attendance within the arena, there was over 800,000 pay per view watchers with 1.2 Million viewers on pirated streams on the twitch platform (Dexerto, 2019).


This fight obviously caught the attention of the big boys of boxing with fight promoter Eddie Hearn who is managing director of Matchroom Boxing eager to be involved, after the draw in the first fight the rematch was confirmed to take place in the US with DAZN being Matchroom Boxing US Broadcast distributors it was a match made in heaven for all parties (Independent, 2018).


The second fight was set to be an even more impressive event with both Youtubers turning pro for this fight and Billy Joe Saunders fighting for his WBO Super Middleweight Title confirmed on the under card (Mirror, 2019). The event ended with a split decision in KSI’s favour but that wasn’t the only thing to come from the night, it was the amount of people that tuned in to watch through DAZN. The fight sold more Pay per Views than Anthony Joshuas loss to Andy Ruiz in the UK, with this being DAZN’S most viewed fight ever (Talk sport, 2019).


“It was a big subscription driver as well,” – Eddie Hearn, (Talk Sport, 2019)


Eddie Hearn goes on to say that it wasn’t just in the UK and US that produced big numbers in terms of viewing, Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe and Africa all brought big viewing numbers for the fight. Eddie Hearn also thought the idea of bringing the fans of KSI and Logan Paul to who both have an unbelievable 40 Million subscribers (BBC, 2019) would be great and would showcase boxing to this younger audience.


DAZN can use the hype of this fight to generate interest for the next YouTube fight confirmed to be taking place on January 30th in Miami between Jake Paul and AnEasonGib (Sky sports, 2020), with the new YouTube audience brought by Logan and KSI, DAZN can push this fight to their newly acquired subscribers from their first YouTube fight.This is a great model to retain the subscribers gained from the first fights and to gain new ones with youtubers and other influencers all wanting to get involved in boxing.