Equal Play, Equal Pay


Women’s football has been gaining popularity in viewing numbers and sponsorship deals with the biggest stars and teams, so why are Female football stars still being paid less than their male counterparts, Is it simply a case of the gender pay gap that we still have in modern soci
ety or are the men’s teams and stars just more marketable?

“We won’t accept anything less than equal pay, we show up for a game, if we win the game, if we lose the game, if we tie the game, we want to be paid equally, period.” – US Captain Megan Rapinoe (The Guardian, 2019).

With The Women’s US Soccer team being the most successful in the history of the Women’s game winning their 4thworld cup in the summer of 2019 with a 2-0 win over Netherlands. (NBC, 2019). They are at the forefront of the Women’s game with evidently the best players in the world, however when you compare their pay for doing the same job as males it is significantly less when you look at individual salaries.

It was reported that the US Men’s team were paid more than the women’s team even after the 4 successful world cup triumphs compared to the men’s 0 world cups, $41 Million dollars for the men’s team compared to the $39.7 million for the women’s team, US Soccer claims that the inequality lays in the prize money FIFA has played out in their tournaments (Bleacher Report, 2019).

Lionel makes $92 Million year playing for Barcelona FC with over 35 Million coming in from sponsorships and endorsements. Alex Morgan has a salary of $250,000 coming from both the US National team and at club level playing for the Orlando Pride, however her earnings are supplemented by her endorsements from high profile brands like Nike, she has a combined worth of only $5.8 Million (Kaufman, 2019).

The difference in pay between the two athletes is huge, however there are many factors that contribute to this, viewing numbers at club level with an average attendance of 7337 in the NWSL (soccerstadiumdigest, 2019), Compared to Barcelona’s staggering average match attendance for the 19/20 season currently sat at 74,564 (soccerstats, 2019). This will affect the how marketable they are as organisations will want to reach the largest audience which will give the power to Barcelona to charge more for advertisements and generate more revenue.

it seems currently football is rife with inequality in terms of pay especially at club level although there is a mixture of the gender pay gap in football and the fact that they men’s game in more marketable to football fans which is shown in the viewing numbers, however huge stars of the women’s game speaking up we may yet see I turn in the equality of the game.