My name is Henry Bell and I am a final year BSc Computer Games Programming student at Teesside University. This blog is where I am documenting the development of my final year project until it is completed in May 2018. Whether you’re a faculty member of the university or a complete stranger who happened to find yourself here, welcome!


Project Abstract:

For my final year project, I have chosen to investigate the feasibility of communicating the emotions of virtual characters through their body language. To do this, I plan to simulate the changes in emotion of a humanoid game character as they are subjected to environmental stimuli. I shall then use the information from this simulation to guide a separate procedural animation system. The purpose of the animation system is to update the animations of the character in real-time to match their dominant emotions as closely as possible. My hope is that, using this method, game characters will possess much more depth than conventional characters and players will be able to infer what they’re feeling simply be analysing how they move and interact with the world. For the purposes of this project, I shall develop the systems to be reusable assets for the Unity 5 game engine that could be easily integrated into a game project.