When first logging into the app Wattpad, you are asked for your gender and age. After that, a short list of books is brought up and the app asks you to choose three that interest you. When looking through these options, I noticed that the app cleary labels each short story and book with a genre, and in some cases lets you know if the story is still in the editing process or not.

I decided to add 3 different titles from this list into my library, each with a different genre. One of the books I chose was a disney fan fiction story. After reading the first few sentences of this, I found that I agreed with Kirci in the article “The tales teens tell: what Wattpad did for girls”. Kirci states that she soon grew tired of using Wattpad due to the poor use of spelling, grammar and planning, which I found to be the case in many of the books on this site, especially in the fan fiction genre.

To see what else the app has to offer, I chose to look at another book, this time a something from the paranormal genre. This book also stated that it was a “Wattys 2015 Winner”. After reading the first few sentences of this story, I noticed that the writing seemed more sophisticated and had used correct grammar and spelling throughout, with only a couple of small mistakes. However, as this was a book that released chapters weekly, between chapters there were messages from the author that I felt broke the immersion in the story and made it more difficult to remain interested in.

However, after browsing through all of the different books and novellas this app has to offer, I did realise that I do still agree with Kirci that this app is a good thing for young teenage girls as it seems to have sparked their interest in reading again, and even inspires some to write things that could go on to get published as she did.

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  1. Amy Aspin’s reply

    I have had the Wattpad app for several years now and while there seems to be more and more pointless fanfictions decorating the welcoming page, I can still say that it is my favourite app for discovering and reading new thought-provoking stories written by similar minds to my own.

    Looking over the “based on your preferences” section, it can be said that most of the stories I read are from the crime or fantasy genre. Now the app itself is easy to use with shortcuts to your own private library and to the discover section. I personally have over 50 books saved to my library and have revisited over half of the stories in there.
    It can be said that Wattpad is a app used for people to read and write whatever sort of literature they want, whether it be complex novels, short feel-good stories or even fanfiction. Wattpad has a wide range of stories in all genres, with the best written books achieving up to six million reads. Many stories originally written on Wattpad can later become published as e-books to be purchased such as “Too Late” by Colleen Hoover.

    Wattpad does have a wide range of genres so many people can stories specifically suited to them. It takes information from previous stories you have read and then offers you stories you might like to read. I think that this is one of the best features of the app because it can save you a lot of time when your trying to find your next book to read. Overall I love the app and plan on using it for many more years.

  2. My initial choices for Wattpad when setting up my preferences were based on a handful of lore-filled universes that I thoroughly enjoy learning more about; World of Warcraft, Metro and The Witcher. This allowed me to start on a platform that I’m comfortable with and it allows me to build up from it and dip my toes into different genres/worlds/lores.

    Upon picking my five books, I was shown the list and decided to check a couple of them out, namely ‘The Witcher – Plight of The Damned’ and ‘Metro 2033: Fear the Future’. I read both stories’ intros and checked out the comments. I noticed the interest shown in the comments section, people discussing different routes the story could take, the road the characters take and what it all means in size of the universe of the book.

    From the opinions and detail-delving in the comments, I’ve drawn similar conclusions from those commenting that piques my interest in Wattpad. In that this website is a great source of different aspects of a story that I already know so well. It allows a whole new scope on character’s views and the world itself in the media of independent writing, where major publishers are nowhere to be seen.

    The fact that Kirci went from ignorant to fanatical about Wattpad speaks volumes for it’s success as an independent writing market as anyone can be involved and get lost in the volume of books; which is evident from the reading lists it’s given me just based on my preferences. Kirci also speaks of her story reaching some notoriety in the app and how this has given her motivation to write more. I can see the appeal of this as unlike an official publisher, you’re not waiting on official reviews and comments; if you even get any, instead with Wattpad everyone can comment and critique your work.

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