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After not going to the library for approximately ten years, going again recently was a very different experience. As a child, my local library was very small, and there was only a very small selection of children’s books. When visiting a larger local library, I noticed that there was a lot more choice in books, even in the children’s and teenage sections compared to what I remember from my childhood.

Another difference that I immediately noticed was the electronic machines used to check out books instead of having a librarian stamp my books with the dates they would be due. At first, I felt rather intimidated by these machines having never seen or used one before. However, after using one of these I noticed that there are clear and easy to follow instructions throughout the checkout process. Another thing that was different was that I got a receipt printed with the books I had checked out and when they were due back. This to me is an improvement, as previously I had only had the due dates stamped into the front of each book. The receipt is a good way to keep track of which books you currently are lending in case you misplace or forget about one.

Overall, I enjoyed revisiting the library and would recommend going to others due to the large range of books available and the simplicity of the system to lend and return books.

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  1. Amy Aspin’s reply

    The last library I visited for purposes other than education was Gosforth library in Newcastle. I originally only went in because it was raining and they provide quality hot chocolate for only £1. But once I started browsing in the crime section I was pleasantly surprised.

    There were a few novels that captured my attention, mainly those by authors I recognised. So, while waiting for the rain to stop, I decided to stay and browse some more. I knew the layout of the library quite well as I had been there before on multiple occasions all throughout high school and sixth form, so it was easy for me to weave in and out of the various sections scanning the shelves of my favourite genres.

    Gosforth library is quite small compared to university libraries, although that is to be expected. However, there are multiple computers with free wifi, a section with printers and photocopiers, a tea and coffee station and also machines where you can check books out yourself with your library card. I enjoy going to Gosforth library because it is a familiar place and has a wide selection of good books. Even if it wasn’t raining I would most likely go there again in search of a few new books to read.

  2. The closest library to me is the Moor Park Library, barely a ten minute walk. Oddly enough, I’ve never walked into a library to take out a book. I’ve been in the Layton Library with friends in my earlier years but have never actually left with anything. This seems shocking, however I’ve never felt a need to rent a physical book before coming to University.

    With that aside, my experience with the Moor Park library was as I expected. I wandered the isles through several genres, found some interesting reads in the Mystery section, some books piqued my interest in the Educational section so I stopped to investigate further. I looked a little deeper and found some general books on outer space, an Astrophotagraphy book with blurbs scattered around fascinating pictures of the planets and galaxies so you can learn as you look.

    This library isn’t the most advanced, it’s quite small and is situated wall to wall with a pharmacy, sharing the car park. It’s got computers with free wifi, printing and photocopying stations and to be fair, an adequate amount of books to choose from. I checked this book out (which mind you, according to the stamp hadn’t been taken out since 1993), received my receipt and thanked the woman at the front desk.

    I then walked out with my new book in hand. Upon realising I probably wasn’t going to read it (and more likely forget it before going back to Teesside), I strolled right back in and returned it – to a bewildering look on the woman who had just seen a doppelganger.

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