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Neil Richard Gaiman was born in Hampshire in the UK in the year 1960. His family are of Polish-Jewish and other Eastern European origins. He has two younger sisters, Claire and Lizzie.

The family moved from Hampshire to West Sussex in 1965 so that his parents could study at the Scientology centre in the town. The family were all raised as Jewish Scientologist. However, Gaiman does not consider himself to be a Scientologist now, and that it is his family’s religion(1)

As a child, he discovered a love for reading and books after reading the works of C.S Lewis, Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe among many others. He describes himself as a “feral child who was raised in libraries”. He says that he was at his happiest when his parents would drop him off at the library on their way to work and he would spend the whole day there, He also credits librarians with a lifelong love of reading. He also states that he would not be the person he is without libraries(2).

Gaiman went to several Church of England Schools for education. However, his fathers’s position in the Church of Scientology as a public relations official resulted in Gaiman at the age of seven being blocked from entering a boys’ school, meaning he was forced to stay at his previous school in East Grimstead. He lived in East Grimstead for many years and even met his wife, Mary McGrath there. She was studying Scientology and living in a house that was owned by Gaiman’s father when they met. They married in 1985, after they had had their first child, Michael(3).


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  1. Amy Aspin’s reply

    Neil Richard Gaiman born on the 10th November 1960 is an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and films. Gaiman’s first novel Good Omens was published in 1990, which he wrote with author Terry Pratchett. American Gods, another one of his novels released in 2001 became one of Gaiman’s best-selling and multi-award-winning novels. A few of Gaiman’s original works have been optioned or greenlighted for film adaptation, the most known being the film Stardust, which premiered in August 2007.

    Neil Gaiman has been awarded many international awards for his works , including the Newbery and Carnegie Medals. His books and stories have also been honoured with 4 Hugos, 2 Nebulas, 1 World Fantasy Award, 4 Bram Stoker Awards, 6 Locus Awards, 2 British SF Awards, 1 British Fantasy Award, 3 Geffens, 1 International Horror Guild Award and 2 Mythopoeic Awards.

  2. Neil Gaiman is a best selling author who, although has dabbled in many platforms such as Television, Theatre and Films, is renowned for being one of the top writers in comics.(1) Gaiman’s literature spans from young children’s books to quite gritty adult appropriate literature, for example Gaiman wrote ‘Coraline’ – a very popular children’s book, but is also the author of ‘American Gods’ which is proclaimed to be a disturbing, mystery clad thriller. The stark difference in genre aside, Gaiman has won many awards in both.

    Gaiman, being an international award winner, has long list of awards and honors. His writing and stories have been honored with 4 Hugos, 2 Nebulas, 1 World Fantasy Award, 3 Geffens, 1 International Horror Guild Award amd 2 Mythopoeic Awards.(2) Also winning awards in both ‘Coraline’ and ‘American Gods’ as well as a plethora of awards for his other work.

    Neil Gaiman’s success as a writer is evident in the awards he’s won, and his net worth which stands at $18 Million(3)

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