We are Graphics Den…. We are a team Made up of 5 Graphic Design Students and We set up this community so we can teach other graphic design students the important of self branding as it helps us get into the industry.

Meet the team…..

Abby Streets- Graphic designer/Illustrator/FashionGraphicdesinger

Hello My name is Abby Streets, I am from Stalybridge, Cheshire (Manchester).

Three Interesting facts- I am Quarter Polish and Quarter Irish, I Love to cook and bake I have been able to cook since I was really young and I have created artwork for the principal of Rochdale Sixth Form College, Julian Appleyard OBE.

For my future career I would like to gain experience working with many different clothing companies designing clothes then eventually creating my own business designing children’s wear.


Rachael Marie Blackburn- GraphicDesigner/CreativeStoryteller/PositiveInnovator/VisualCommunicator

Hello My name is Rachael Marie Blackburn, I am from a small village known as West Cornforth, near Durham.

Three Interesting facts- I have a mild central heterochromia which means I have a small brown circle around the centre of my eyes. I love to take quizzes about personalities and trivia, as well as learning more about the psychology of people. I also love to cook/bake/read/write/draw and generally try out lots of new things and skills.

In the future I would love for the opportunity to work for Disney, so I can be able to inspire people and positive messages, as this is what they have done time and time before.


Candice Kilford- Graphic Designer/Illustrator/CreativeStoryTeller

Hello name is Candice Kilford and I am from a little place called Peterlee in County Durham.

Three interesting facts- Half of my family are from Portsmouth, I love reading and getting lost within a book and My favourite time of the year is Christmas.

I would love to be successful and happy within any career I pursue in graphic design.


Reece Skapars- Graphic Designer/ Re-brander/ T-shirt designer

Hello My name is Reece Skapars and I’m 20 years old and I’m from Preston.

Three interesting facts- I started designing when I was 14 so everything I know is all self taught, I love going to the gym on a daily basis, I have my own gym clothing line which sells t-shirts and I have designed them.

For my future I would like to be successful brand and hopefully will be one of the top gym clothing brands in the UK or the World.



Toby Allison- Graphic Designer/ Content Creator

Hello my name is Toby and I am from Scarborough, originally born in York.

Three Interesting facts- I love to design logos and little illustrations, I’m passionate about gaming and I live my social life adventuring and trying new things.