Unreal Engine 4 and Video

I have now imported my Tank into UE4, created my own lighting and created a cinematic for the video showcaseing my tank. I used a total of 3 cameras using the Manatee cinematic tool. After i had rendered out the movie in UE4, i took it into Sony Vegas pro, where i have edited it and added some render shots to the video as well as a sound track that was non copyright. I used the clipping tools to edit and split my clips, as well as some FX to add fade ins from blacks to nealty split the clips keeping the video clean and smooth.

UE4 scene with lighting and ground i made in 3DSMax and Substance Painter.

Manatee tool with my key frames and director final video format.

Edited in Sony Vegas Pro, rendering process. First render was too dark, increased the vibrance to see if it will mae it easier to see.

Rendered at 30fps, 1920 x 1080p HD .MP4




Nearing the Finish line

I have made huge amounts of progress today with the tank, i have managed to texture most of the tank today with ony the cargo on the back to go. Overall i am extremely proud of how it is turning out. I have been using smart materials to help me and using the brushes using the bump, metalic and roughness to add texture and detail to the model. Firstly i did some of the objects seperate from the model to test some ideas and workout how long it would take me to texture. It has been almost 48 hours and most of my tank is compelte. the rest will be completed tomorrow and once im finished i will work my way through the assets to see if i can add any extra needed detail in areas if needed. i will then proceed to take some beauty shots and hopefully get my asset into unreal where i can start working on a turnaround/ fly-by video of my finished product.

experimenting with smart materials and bump maps for the mud and dirt.

experimenting similar aspects with the wheels. Same as shown in previous post.

first load of experimental textures completed, added to the model and then improved.

updated textures added, guns, side and front cargo finished, used smart materials, brushes, metalic, roughness, and bump maps used to generate a realistic look.

Texturing update

i have now also textured the main wheels for the tank, next ill be working on the secondary wheels. I have also done some Whitebox renders of my full finished tank for reference on how it looks without textures fully modeled compared to a fully textured model.

Texturing progress

I have finished the textures for my main body of the tank. i used a smart material for the base normal map and wear for the tank, i then added extra layer on to to get the base color correct. i then added other layers ontop and painted on the mud, dirt, wood, chalk lines/ writing and scrathes. Hers how it turned out.


I am a bit behind on work due to being away for some parts of easter. I am catching up as fast as i can. I have finished the unwrapping process and will be texturing starting tomorrow. Due to the time i have left i need to prioritise certain aspects of my project. For example i might need to consider other options for rendering as i may not get enough time to use unreal. I have Sketchfab setup just in case but i should be able to get my tank into unreal by the end of this week. I still have yet to start on my report, but i am prioritising my tank for the moment as the hand in is closer than the report. Texturing shouldnt take too long as i am going to be using smart materials and painting and editing it. Overall i feel i ca n get everything done in time for the deadline with some minor adjustments to the project.

unwrap progress

I have now finished the unwrapping for the main body, tracks and wheels. I will be moving on to the guns next, then the tank details such as hatches and view holes etc, then the clutter around the tank main gun, then the logs on the side and then finally the cargo on the rear of the tank.

i used the same methods as i did previously, using the reshape, break, weld,peel tools. the tracks UV was difficult to mess around with so i left it as it is currently as i dont have a lot of time and the rest of the model needs to be unwrapped so i can start texturing. i hope to have everything unwrapped by next week where i can start texturing and have that finisdhed by the end of next week which will give me 2 ish weeks to finalise everything in unreal.


Main body UVW

Main wheel system UVW

Secondary wheels UVW

Tracks UVW

Unwrap progress

The unwrapping progress is going well, i am slowly but surely getting there with the main body just a few more polys to unwrap and the body is done then ill move on to the tracks and wheels next. I should have the body done by the end of today if not tomorrow and hopefully have the whole model unwrapped within the next few days so i can start texturing. To help with the unwrapping i have been using the peel, break, weld and reshape tools to get an accurate UV. If the mapping is distorted then i peel the mesh, break certain faces so i can position them correctly and weld them to the corresponding polys, i then reshape the finished uv until the squares are all even on the mesh. sometimes it takes a bit of manual labor, moving the edges and vertices to get the mesh right.


Model Finished starting unwrap

At the beginning of this week i findecided to stop on my model and start the texturing process as there are only roughly 30 days till deadline. all the main assets are present, there are just a few minor details left out which i can add at the end if i have time. I have seperated the models into groups, Tank body, Clutter, details, guns, tracks, wheels and cargo. each group will be unwrapped seperately and textured seperatley.

i am currenty in the process of unwraping ther main body which should be completed today as well as some simpler unwraps like the guns and baybe tracks. i hope to have the tank fully unwrapped by the end of this week/ early next week.

Progress update- Model almost complete

I have made a lot of progress with my tank. I have added a lot of the clutter to the tank now and just need to add a few finishing touches. I have finished the helmets, gas mask, a few bags and some rope as well as the back grill under the tank. Now i just need to add a few more bags, ropes and the mud flaps at the back and that is the model complete. I used the new freehand spline tool to help create the ropes and used some spline modifiers like normalise Spline and relax spline to help me get the right shape i needed .

i also completely changed the main gun as the model accuracy was way off. The main gun now looks more like the one on the Fury tank.

below are screenshots of what i have done.

An overall view of the tank.

The gas mask and German helmet.

the new front gun and bags strapped to the turret and the two additional hatches.

The cargo tied to the back of the tank and the side details.

The under grill at the rear of the tank

Hanging american helmet. Need to add more in various places on the tank. simple copy and paste of modular asset.