Unreal Engine 4 and Video

I have now imported my Tank into UE4, created my own lighting and created a cinematic for the video showcaseing my tank. I used a total of 3 cameras using the Manatee cinematic tool. After i had rendered out the movie in UE4, i took it into Sony Vegas pro, where i have edited it and added some render shots to the video as well as a sound track that was non copyright. I used the clipping tools to edit and split my clips, as well as some FX to add fade ins from blacks to nealty split the clips keeping the video clean and smooth.

UE4 scene with lighting and ground i made in 3DSMax and Substance Painter.

Manatee tool with my key frames and director final video format.

Edited in Sony Vegas Pro, rendering process. First render was too dark, increased the vibrance to see if it will mae it easier to see.

Rendered at 30fps, 1920 x 1080p HD .MP4