Nearing the Finish line

I have made huge amounts of progress today with the tank, i have managed to texture most of the tank today with ony the cargo on the back to go. Overall i am extremely proud of how it is turning out. I have been using smart materials to help me and using the brushes using the bump, metalic and roughness to add texture and detail to the model. Firstly i did some of the objects seperate from the model to test some ideas and workout how long it would take me to texture. It has been almost 48 hours and most of my tank is compelte. the rest will be completed tomorrow and once im finished i will work my way through the assets to see if i can add any extra needed detail in areas if needed. i will then proceed to take some beauty shots and hopefully get my asset into unreal where i can start working on a turnaround/ fly-by video of my finished product.

experimenting with smart materials and bump maps for the mud and dirt.

experimenting similar aspects with the wheels. Same as shown in previous post.

first load of experimental textures completed, added to the model and then improved.

updated textures added, guns, side and front cargo finished, used smart materials, brushes, metalic, roughness, and bump maps used to generate a realistic look.