unwrap progress

I have now finished the unwrapping for the main body, tracks and wheels. I will be moving on to the guns next, then the tank details such as hatches and view holes etc, then the clutter around the tank main gun, then the logs on the side and then finally the cargo on the rear of the tank.

i used the same methods as i did previously, using the reshape, break, weld,peel tools. the tracks UV was difficult to mess around with so i left it as it is currently as i dont have a lot of time and the rest of the model needs to be unwrapped so i can start texturing. i hope to have everything unwrapped by next week where i can start texturing and have that finisdhed by the end of next week which will give me 2 ish weeks to finalise everything in unreal.


Main body UVW

Main wheel system UVW

Secondary wheels UVW

Tracks UVW