Progress update- Model almost complete

I have made a lot of progress with my tank. I have added a lot of the clutter to the tank now and just need to add a few finishing touches. I have finished the helmets, gas mask, a few bags and some rope as well as the back grill under the tank. Now i just need to add a few more bags, ropes and the mud flaps at the back and that is the model complete. I used the new freehand spline tool to help create the ropes and used some spline modifiers like normalise Spline and relax spline to help me get the right shape i needed .

i also completely changed the main gun as the model accuracy was way off. The main gun now looks more like the one on the Fury tank.

below are screenshots of what i have done.

An overall view of the tank.

The gas mask and German helmet.

the new front gun and bags strapped to the turret and the two additional hatches.

The cargo tied to the back of the tank and the side details.

The under grill at the rear of the tank

Hanging american helmet. Need to add more in various places on the tank. simple copy and paste of modular asset.