Texturing trial

i am starting a texture trial on the main gun on the tank. I am doing this to see how long it will take me to do the texturing process for this and then i can use that to estimate how long it will trake me to texture the whole finished product.

Progress update

I have now finished tracks for the tank and am moving on to the clutter objects to give it that ‘Fury’ tank look. im starting with the front and then moving towards the back af the tank. Also parts of the tank are slightly out of proportion and not how i want them, for example the track guards are too wide and the shape of them needs fleshing out. I also need to start puting together my progress review presentation. Also this week and next i am going to be whiteboxing my tank into UE4 and make a simple rotation/ flyover shot of my tank. I am also going to take a part of my tank and time how long it takes me to unwrap and texture it too a good standard, so i have a rough estemate of how long it will take to texture everything.

Progress update

I am now currently working on making the tank look more ‘Fury’. im starting to add the details to the tank and some objects on the tank using images of the tank used in the film for reference. I am also now working on the tracks which should be done very soon i just need to lay the tracks out and fit them to the tank.

The reason why i am modeling all of the tank first in Max is because i find it a lot easier this way. I find it much better as it helps me visualise the tank easier and helps me model more accurately and better, rather than modelling in steps, texturing, importing to UE4 and then back to modeling another part and so on. i just find it a lot easier to model everything, then texture everything and then work on the UE4 element of the project all seperately rather than all at once.

also i have been using a new tool that i have rarely used before, the ProBoolean tool. this has helped me a lot to mack holes and indents into the tank where it is hard to edit the mesh freehand. Its such a usefull tool to help add those small delaits like holes and some indents. for example the hole in the gun rotatory system next to the barrel and the holes in the .30cal machine gun barrels etc.

one image that is going to help me a lot with the details on the front of the tank is this

it shows a realy clear and helpful image of the tank used in the film and what objects/ details are on the front of the tank.

Main wheels done

I have now, after a long time tinkering and adjusting, finally finished the main wheels for the tank. these took a long time to get correct as all the little engine pieces were really hard to make out in the blueprints and images so i modeled them as accurately as i could. now i jsut need to add the additional smaller wheels in and start work on the tracks.

After the tracks are complete i can start working on the details for the tank and start adding the guns and boxes etc.

The main polygons i used were cylinders and cubes to try and get the engine shape for the wheels. i used the extrusion tool to create links and the wheel shapes as well as chamfer to round off edges and connect tool ta add in edges where i needed additional polys.

Tank progress update

Over the past week i have been unwell with tempertature and sickness, thus this has effected my work but i have been trying to progress with my tank when i can. I have been working on getting the overall shape of the tank as accurate as i can and i have alslo been working on the wheels for the tank. Using reference images and blueprints i have made so e progress woth the wheels to as accurate as i can get. there is still a little i need to do for the wheels to be completed but this is what i have so far.

Idea on how to model the tracks

I have been debaiting recently how to model the tracks when it comes to doing them. After a long time of thinking i have come up with a realy easy and simple solution. When looking at the tracks of the tank i saw that they are roughly made out of 4 objects.

my idea is to model one section of the track, the main track (square part), the small cylinder nut in the middle, the middle track connector on the left and the top most track connector (above the cylinder nut). if i just model these then i can dupicate the objects and fit the tracks together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Tank Modeling continued

I have now done the gun barrel and i am now starting on the wheels. the barrel didnt take too long, the barrel end was relatively easy once i figured out what i wanted to do and how to do it. To make the dispursor holes in the side of the barrel i just deleted the polys and bridged the gaps to make the muzzle. The object i used was a tube which i used extrude tools and bridge tools to make the muzzle.

I am now going to work on the wheels. i have done the track guards around the tank using the same techniques, extrude etc. I have started on the main wheel at the front that works the tracks, it has a sort of spikey look to it so there is going to be a lot of editing with this object.

i hope to get the base model of the tank done by this Sunday, and then from there i will start developing on the details and start on the additional props, guns, ammo crates etc.

Modeling the Tank- Step 1

I have started getting the scene ready in max to start modelling my tank. I am going to model the tank first and then move on to the smaller objects. I have added planes to the scene with the blueprints to help me model a more acurate model of the tank. This will also make modeling the main features of the tank a lot easier too.

to get these references i added a plane object to the scnene and assigned a standard material with a diffuse bitmap and assigned the image of the blueprints as the diffuse texture.


I have now modeled some parts of the tank, i am starting off with just a simple blockout at first and then develop ontop of this. Currently i have only used cube, cylinder and tube polygons and used the extrude, connect and the movement/ resize tools to make these shapes. Each part of the tank i have modeled thus far has been a seperate object as it would be in real life.