Week 8 – The End of MoBu, The Beginning of Unreal

Come week 8 I have created an ultimate top priority list to help with competion in both MoBu, 3Ds Max and Unreal Engine.

Come the 12/03/19 I have completed all the top priority moves in MoBu and has moved into the world of Unreal.

I have created a very basic playable character before however I understood very little of what I was doing at the time.

So I started the process by getting the camera and character movement working with the basics. So I first got the camera movement linked to the mouse as well as a Xbox One controller. There is still some kinks to work out with the mouse mainly with the speed of the camera movement. However there is a slight diagonal movement when using the controller when going left and/or right which needs fixing, but it should be a fairly simple solve.

I’m having issues with the jumping, when I last created a somewhat basic playable character I had this problem as well and I was never able to figure it out. The issue isn’t the landing or in air its the taking off part, the start animation plays while the character is in the air rather than on the floor. However I Intended to try and figure this out for myself however I may need to use tutorials and/or speak to my fellow students.

I have been able to create a system so when a button is pressed the character break out into a run. I intend to use this system for the taunts I intend to have to add more to my project.

I am having a slightly hard time understanding how to have a character walking/jogging backwards, I understand that it has something to do with blend spaces however I am just not grasping it at the moment, but I do intend to have it working before I move to the motion editing.

Author: LAUREN

Teesside University 3rd Year Computer Games Animation