Week 7 – High Priority Moves

The beginning of week 7 held our Progress Review Presentation. I’m quite happy with how well my presentation went and received helpful feedback in regards to my animations and where to take my project from this point.

To continue my project I finished clean up within shogun for my top priority moves. If I have additional time I will try and input the 2nd priority moves into my project.

Once I had everything completed within shogun. I then took the animations that hadn’t already been through motionbuilder into motionbuilder or MoBu for short, for the retargeting process.

However this time I decided to use MoBu to animate slightly in order to save myself some time in 3Ds Max.

I started to use the control rigs in MoBu to animate the legs and feet in order have the legs being symmetrical when moving to simulate standard robotic movements from such characters as Chappie, Bastion (Overwatch), Sonny, etc.

I went through every move in MoBu again while using the control rig to animate. This ended up begin a massive help for the motion editing stage.


Author: LAUREN

Teesside University 3rd Year Computer Games Animation