big problems require bigger solutions

So the final stretch is before me and things have been going … less than smooth to put it calmly. Well the first thing that didn’t exactly go well was in regards to my voice over. The person who I had said they would do the VO for the main character went silent and so i had to source a replacement. Luckily my girlfriend Matea said she would do the VO for me and so that got sorted. The second issue was in regards to the player characters model as I have had no end of frustration trying to find a female medieval character model that would be fully textured, rigged and able to be applied to the standard UE4 animation set and thus i have had to in a sense admit defeat and stick with the standard UE4 model. The last thing that has got into the gears of production has been myself. In short i have been too focused in the wrong areas and allowing my anxieties about both the product and the unit as a whole to blind my view and stray me off course. but rest assured i have seen to this problem and now feel like i am at the correct areas for the last 5 weeks of production. til next time – Connor Madderson (S6105207)

An apology

Hello this is all a bit late and with that in mind I apologise. I mainly focused on the actual creation of my game and not on the real ins and outs of pre-production and updates. but with that out of the way i can say that so far this project is on track. And further more i am having a blast doing it! And to me that the important part as any game you work on that you dont find at least a little bit fun is not a game you wanna make (in my opinion) so with that being said… next week should see the finished gameplay basics for my game and a start on visually making it shine. til then – Connor (S6105207)

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