Week 15: Polish up and Artifact hand in

With deadlines close, I’ve decided to keep the 5 levels I’ve managed to make and kept them simple, with this, I’ve polished them up and tried to make sure that it is working to the best as I can get it. I’ve also been adding sound to the game, looking for upbeat music and sounds for the characters. With the artifact hand in next week, ill be concentrating on ensuring the game is playable and simple to understand through its tutorial. I would have liked to have added more puzzles to the artifact overall.

Week 13 and 14: level 4 & 5

In these two weeks, I have almost completely finished the last two levels, with this, I’ve also been testing each level to make sure that there aren’t any bugs in the game, so far I have come across a couple, for example, every time I finished level 4, it would reset and not go onto level 5. I managed to fix this with online tutorials.

Level 4:

Level 5: