Week 10 & 11: Finishing level 1,2 and 3

With the next couple of weeks, I have been finishing off the first two levels and putting in the mechanics through tutorials. The mechanics in place are a double jump for one character, climbing for the other as well as collecting small golden discs.

The last mechanics that I put in the first three levels as the mechanics to open up the doors by pressing the correct buttons and also being able to finisht he level by bringing both characters to the music box once all objectives have been collected.


Week 8 & 9: First & second level

In these two weeks, I have started to create assets for my game, since most younger people are into technology, for my two characters I’ve decided to use an iPod for the more modern one and a record player disc for the classical or older era. Both characters have individual strengths. The iPod can climb up ladders and the disc can double jump.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Week 7: UI

This week I have stopped working on white boxing and I have started to implements the UI into the game. Since I am making the game simple the type of UI I have put in place is simple to use, when the game loads up it will show the start screen, from there you can play the game easily. Once in game, you can pause if you wish to.