Week 6: Progress Review

In this week I took the time to complete my progress review which is one of my hand ins (1st March). In this review, I will show types of mechanics I have decided to put into my game. I have explained it as a 2D puzzle platformer with potential Rythum elements to it (if I have time). Another mechanic I thought of for solo player is if the player could swap between the different player characters instead of having to play both at the same time as if like a solo and multiplayer mode.

It also explains the controls of the game too that I am most likely to include. It also explains that the player must jump on platforms (buttons) to open doors and to try and finish puzzles. I also go into how they must collect objects to finish the level.

Another element’s id like to potentially ad if I have time is different zones that only the certain character in question can enter, giving a death mechanic in the game. This later could also mean enemies.

I also show some images of inspirations that have given me a simple but colorful idea.

I also talk about how the UI will be simple too with only a pause menu and a play game menu.